Dawn is an RN, Medicine Woman, Master Herbalist, and aromatherapist. She has been studying natural healing for over 25 years and has been treating people with herbs and essential oils for over 20 of them. She has had the opportunity to learn from some of the world's best healers, In South Korea she learned from Sun Jung about Ginseng and traditional Korean medicine, in Minnesota she learned from Dottie Running Horse a Dakota Medicine Woman/Shaman who taught her how to use the medicines of her people, she also learned from many other healers including Mathew Wood, David WInston, Phyllis Light, Susun Weed, David Hoffman, and more. She started teaching because people wanted to learn about natural therapies from multiple traditions and how to use them to heal and create medicine. She teaches all over the country and has been asked to be a speaker at several large herb conferences like the Eastern Holistic Nursing Conference, American Herbalists Guild conference, South East Wise Woman Herbal Conference,  North Country Herb Conference, Florida Herbal Conference, International Society of Natural Healers to name a few.

One of Dawn's favorite things to do is to make herbal medicine and personal care products with organic and wildcrafted herbs and oils. A product line was created when local herb stores asked if they could carry some of her unique blends. Everything Dawn makes is made in a GMP compliant kitchen but she makes her products in small batches and takes the time to lovingly create each one. This is evident in the quality and freshness of her herbal medicines and aromatherapy products. 

Dawn does natural healing consults as well and specializes in helping those with cardiac disease, diabetes, cystic fibrosis and immune issues. Her knowledge of how to blend both natural and modern medicines to optimize dis-ease management makes her customized treatments work well. Dawn also does consulting with large companies who are looking to make natural products, she has consulted with companies making everything from energy drinks to make-up products. 

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Our Facilities

Dawn's Enchanted Garden is indeed a place deep in the woods in a sunny glade surrounded by nature but it is not a brick and mortar store. We sell our products online, in health food stores, at natural healing conferences or trade shows. Dawn teaches online or at local herb stores, does herbal consults in a local herb store in Orlando or she makes home visits. 


Dawn and Dawn's Enchanted Garden