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Have you ever wanted to learn about Natural Healing? 

Have you wanted a program that would give you a solid foundation so that you were able to come out of school ready to start your own practice? 

Do you want a program that takes over 20 years of experience and teaches it to you in less then 2 years? 

The Live Oak School of Natural Healing can do that for you with its Herbalist Certification and Master Herbalist Certification programs. 

The Live Oak School of Natural healing teaches most of its live classes in Orlando Florida, but does have an on-line course for those people who want to take a quality herbal certification program who do not live in the area. Students in the long distance program can chose to do an on-line course with e-groups, video conferencing and classes using Skype or can choose to do a paper correspondence course where you receive the material in modules with assignments that need to be sent in. 

The school is based on the Vitalist Theory of herbal healing which takes care of symptoms of dis-orders by treating the whole body. So for example a person may come to see an herbalist for a cough that they have had for a long time and can’t seem to shake. A vitalist will get rid of the cough by giving the herbs to treat the cough short term but will work on the body to balance it and correct the imbalance that made the person get the cough in the first place. This system treats the entire body because even though the dis-order may come from one organ or system the innate


Meeting the needs of students: in person via live classroom or on-line via virtual classroom

The Live Oak School of Natural Healing was formed when some of my herbal students in Minnesota told me they wanted to keep learning from me even after I moved near Orlando, FL.
I designed this program to be "life-friendly" which means that I wanted it to be self-paced, and easy to follow for all of the students there who have busy lives. I also designed it so that the students can take it in modules so that they can take a module at a time based on their educational goals. The school has three levels of certification Lay Herbalist, Certified Herbalist, and Master Herbalist, each of these programs dovetail into the next higher level so if you start out at the Lay Herbalist level and later decide to become a Master Herbalist and treat clients all you will have to do is take the next module of classes. 

Herbal Certification