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Herbal Consults

Herbal Consults Initial: $100.00 plus $12.00 for each custom herbal tincture that is created. Visit is usually 2 hours long. 

Follow-up: $60.00, plus $12.00 for each custom herbal tincture that is created. Visit is usually an hour long. 

Telehealth visits: $50.00 for each 30 minute visit, $12.00 for each custom herbal tincture that is created +shipping.

Please contact Dawn for an appointment 

Performance Enhancement

In today's competitive world our worlds top performers are looking for something that can give them an edge to their competitors whether that be in athletics, or the board room. There are many ways to optimize performance without illegal or dangerous drugs including nutrition and herbal supplements that help fine tune the body. These consults are personalized and require several lab tests to identify key areas to improve. I have worked with models, athletes, and CEOs to help optimize their performance and extend their careers with optimal nutrition, detoxification, supplementation, and meditative tools to help them overcome the obstacles to get them where they want to be and keep them there. 


Starting at $200/hour with most first visits being 2 hours. Lab work, supplements, and tinctures are extra. 

Please contact Dawn for an appointment. 

Custom Formulation Consulting

Dawn will come up with a custom herbal formula to be added to your all natural product. I will work with Chemists, and developers to create a safe natural product that will meet your production needs. 

Starting at $300/hour + Airfare, hotel, and incidentals. 

Please contact me for more information on products I have contributed too and for contract information. 

Talks on Natural Healing

Dawn is available to speak at your next conference as either a presenter or as the keynote speaker on a variety of natural healing and modern medical topics. She has spoken to groups as small as 20 up to groups over 1,000 on different topics related to natural medicine, modern disease, and spiritual topics. 

Please contact us for more information on past events. 


Please see classes page for an updated class listing.